On My Ethical, Sustainable Journey

 Bringing pre-loved kimonos back to our daily lives.

Maki co. is an ethical, handmade clothing label owned and operated by me, Makiko. 

I grew up in a small city in Japan, where the ocean, rivers, and mountains are. My family has lived here for more than 230 years, cherishing beautiful Japanese traditions. But we are so sad to see the kimono culture fading.

I transform pre-loved kimonos into modern clothing, aiming to share the beauty with young generations all around the world.

Our Planet

I love our beautiful planet and do my best to keep it that way  ❤︎

All of my items are handmade from pre-loved kimonos. I NEVER use new fabrics.
All kimonos that I use are silk or wool
, though the lining varies: typically in silk, some are in cotton, wool, or synthetic fabrics.

For packaging, I use 100% home-compostable mailers from HERO Packaging.

I aim to make donations in the near future!

One of a kind

The number of the items that can be made from a kimono is extremely limited. All my items are exclusive, and thoughtfully crafted just for you.

The dress that I'm wearing in the photo is my iconic item, "Jinbei Dress". "Jinbei" is a Japanese traditional casual wear. I named the dress after it because I got the idea of the tie closure from it.

Each item is unique and pre-loved, and though each garment has been carefully cleaned, some fabrics may display visible wear such as discolouration or minor stains. Yet, they are too beautiful to go to waste.